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this is for all the decorative elements used as a background


Submitted by admin on Mon, 2011-11-28 14:41

Inspired by a medieval decorative element, this “interlace” pattern is chosen as the background element of the SHIRALY.com 2012 kick-off.  Indeed, the design is believed to match the core qualities of SHIRALY.com.  The design is discreet, yet makes a significant difference to the website.  Design Professionals will be able to promote their products and services on the website, create blogs… worry-free.

As simple as it seems, the design requires accuracy in the drawing for repeat purposes.   Similarly, the process of creating a profile, posting a blog or uploading a product has been streamlined and for more impact, a simple click can feed the information presented on the site onto your favorite social network. 

Finally, the interlace design is universal, and has been applied in architecture, decorative arts, textile design… Shiraly will be useful to those in need for marketing and sales sourcing support, as well as to those simply looking for inspiration.

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