Grand Rex

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Grand Rex
Grand Rex: water works

Where NY has the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, Paris has the water works show at the Grand Rex. Last of the movie-palaces of Europe, The Grand Rex was inspired from the American concept that a movie-palace was to impress the spectator into feeling like he was outdoors while he was sitting in the luxury of a red velvet seat. The Rex’s stats certainly impress: 2,650 seats; a 3,100 sq-foot screen…

Built in the 1930’s, the Grand Rex has preserved its 30’s architecture and décor. The façade is Art Deco, and its interior evokes the shores of the Mediterranean. The waterworks date back to the years when a show was put on before the movie started. This year’s show is an evocation of the four seasons: if you go, you’ll see rain and snow from the very comfort of your seat!

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