Preserving old Jeddah

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an old door to a home
the facade to a traditional apartment building in Jeddah
an old family mansion
old homes in Jeddah
The Kingdom Tower versus the rest
streets of Jeddah

Old Jeddah is worth discovering!  An accumulation of intertwining streets bordered with old facades, old Jeddah is home to various markets for textiles and fabrics, food stuffs of all kinds including honey from the Himalayas, perfumes and spices, etc. 

Old Jeddah is what has been spared by a forceful march towards modernity, a testimony of a time not so long ago, that artist Safeya Binzagr, the first Saudi woman to take a stand as an artist, painted in all its rich and colorful details. 

With a building activity growing by up to 20% every year, Jeddah seems to strongly position itself among the leading cities in the region for the 21st century, and even in the global arena, with the world’s next tallest tower due to be completed in 2017 according to unofficial sources.  Let simply hope that the race towards “who has the tallest building” does not turn Jeddah into yet another regional city-sized-shopping center, but that the Jeddah officials understand the necessity to preserve architectural and urban gems from the past.

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