Tomorrow's House

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Eric Wuilmot; construisons demain
Eric Wuilmot; construisons demain
Eric Wuilmot; Maison Green

The new concept “Tomorrow’s House” was recently presented at Batimat Tradeshow in Paris . The concept showcases the future of individual housing in terms of the environment, architecture and technology.

Designed by architect Eric Wuilmot, the house is predominately made of wood. Wood was chosen for its qualities unmatched by concrete or stone, and because wood is plentiful. Facing south, the house is built around a glass-covered patio, which, like a convertible is removed in the summer. The combined use of glass roofs and solar screens, provides primary energy for light, heating, etc.

The 2,153 sq feet house is made of 3 pre-fabricated modules, designed to be assembled in approximately a month. Each module serves different purposes: the entrance, sleeping and living areas. Wuilmot designed the house to have a facile form and lucid lines allowing the owner to personalise their home. Simple in style, the concept includes enough technological advances to please a tree-hugger, house a designer or excite a techno-geek. For instance: The owner can control the house’s function with a universal remote control.

by Charlotte Louise Ho

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