SHIRALY was founded in 2004, with the purpose of identifying and promoting good taste, quality manufacturing, and hot design.

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet (A-P) the founder, grew up between South East Asia and Europe, Paris and the heart of France, where his family château rests between its Medieval ramparts.  Growing up in Europe meant hopping frequently over the Channel and Rhine River, first for language training, then to sample warm beer and white wine, and eventually to wander around London's V&A or Munich's Pinakothek. A-P holds an MBA from the graduate school at Babson College in Boston. In addition to nurturing the SHIRALY.com project, A-P teaches a class of marketing in English at LA SORBONNE, for the 'Master 2: Marketing' program.

SHIRALY comes from: the Australian word shiralee which refers to a portable shelter usually containing belongings traditionally carried by a traveler. In Hungarian, a shirali is a seagull. More personally, the SHIRALEE is the boat on which as a kid, A-P sailed from island to island exploring the surroundings of Singapore and bringing home the treasures found on the beaches.

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet