Why Choose SHIRALY.com

SHIRALY.com is meant primarily for Design Professionals.  Whether an Architect, an Interior Designer, a Product Designer, a Manufacturer or a Showroom owner, SHIRALY.com is designed to help promote your business, source quality products, and enable you to leverage the main social networks: FaceBook and LinkedIn.

Non-Design Professionals are strongly advised to seek professional help in ordering the products presented on the website.

Over the recent years, the entire Design Industry has been forced into adapting to a completely new business environment.   Right after the 2008 Financial Colapse, decoration power-spenders set off an alarm in a cute but dramatic statement: “it doesn’t feel right to spend so much money! Keep decorative budgets in control!”  This wake-up call for increased “reasonability” affected even the well respected high-brow design firms.  As if Adam Smith’s invisible hand was pushing the business towards leaner design firms capable of providing luxury without the ostentation. 

Recent surveys conducted by SHIRALY in the USA and England, show an evolution in the industry’s business habits between pre-2008 and today.  A noticeable fact is that even the oil moguls will chose a discount over anything else!  As for the Paris design scene, it has been the home to every kind of strategy over the last few years.  Some manufacturers have chosen to strategically retreat -exotic brands of expensive home furnishings, other manufacturers have chosen to aggressively redesign their retail and distribution strategy…

So how do you adapt to gain new business or simply stay in business?  Do you need to operate in a more discreet fashion?  Do you need to change who you are?  In an industry where creativity is the rule, common sense commands that you nurture and promote your particularities!  Maybe you simply need to adjust some of your peripheral but indispensable activities!  The good news is that SHIRALY.com can help you streamline your sourcing and promotional activities.

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet, founder